Why did you all put this on brown? I would have given you different colors had I known.

I’m too lazy to look it up, but this was submitted on asphalt, right?

(Is this something a mod can poke a shirt staffer on?)

Sorry, I meant to post earlier, but I did, in fact, send this along.

Sorry about the color shift. It looked like a brown background on the monitor we were using when making the selects. When we make the selects we document the tee color and use that when prepping the final art.
Something that helps us avoid this is including the shirt color in the artist comment when submitting the design. Navy and brown and asphalt have been problems in the past, especially if there is any glow or extra shadowing to help the detail image look more natural.

Time to get the colors calibrated?

The derby entry looks asphalt to me, even on my cheapo Gateway monitor here …