Push Back Recliners: Your Choice



I don’t think ROd’s friends really expected him to bring anything. My BIL always said “I’ll bring the CHeetos!” and I would say, “If you think you will eat them, then by all means.”

Rod could simply have gone into his wine.woot stash and brought a bottle of Emergency Provisions (if he hadn’t lost it in the divorce) or any of the great Sangioveses or Pinot Noirs that woot sells, and that would have satisfied his need to bring something and his need to relax. Of course, he couldn’t just hang out in a recliner at his friends’ house, but I’ll bet the pies were better than that cold pizza.


in a word: UGLY




How about two words?


You know what these things scream for? That clear plastic stuff people used back in the 50’s and 60’s to protect the fabric on furniture and car seats. Archie Bunker would not be caught dead sitting in one of these! Praise the Lord they were not on Home Woot’s Woot Off yesterday. They would have been up all day long and the only product seen.

Wait- that is a heck of a lot more words than two. :frowning: Well, forget all the other stuff and just go back to the two.


I saw these at the office yesterday. They look nice than the pictures show.

The brown chair is soft and pretty darn comfy.

The beige chair is a more firm chair but looks very nice.

The mechanism to recline is super easy - just a gentle push back.


As a geologist, I think I’m qualified to speak on this matter. While both recliners wear earth tones nicely, it’s well known that geologists make the bedrock, not the chair recline.

/And if I hadn’t picked up a nice leather recliner the other day, I’d be interested


As a psychic, I predicted you would say that.


Any other feedback like this? I’m interested in these chairs but need more info.


So you’re no longer working from your desk? Where do you put your coffee?


That’s what she said.


Ask away. I’m up for a few more minutes.

From the buyer: The weave of the fabric on these chairs is made of 2 colors of threads. This creates a 3rd color to the eye. Depending upon the light and direction of the fabric it can change hues. The Psychic is more beige to me than grey.

You can really see the different warp / weft threads on the Psychic swatch than the other one.


Heh, I still work from home but I go into the office a couple times a week now for various meetings, to look at products before they sell, etc.


How hard are they to get out of?


No, very easy. They don’t rock and you don’t sink down into them. And a nice height so you’re not falling into them. That’s the things that make chairs hard for me to get out of.


I worry about the depth of the leg rest… I stand about 6’2", and I worry that those leg rests when extended might just get me in the back of the knee. Any feedback from anyone who has seen them in person?


Not sure if I can help there. I’m about 5’8" so no shorty. The leg rest is padded and was comfy for me. I think it hit me at the calf but I’m not positive on that. It felt like every other recliner in that regard.


As a Proctologist, I’d say that you both are full of Sh$t… :slight_smile:


love the quote, “geologists make the bedrock!”


Ok Wooters. It’s my bedtime. I’ll try to check back in a few hours to see if there are more questions.