Puss in Boot

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I was wondering when this one would show up :slight_smile:

The pun, she is so painful.

Oh I get it.
Like an Automobile boot.
Edit: Not to be confused with a trunk. That’s British my friends.
Good one woot!

Congrats Bass, I was hoping this would get an EC.

I bet Bass’s beloved ratties did this.

For some reason, I always take the most pleasure in designs showing disgruntled animals. I don’t know why, I can’t help it.

The Grey streak continues!

Of course this shirt is the purest fantasy. To assume that a cat would hold still for the length of time required to put on the boot is just plain silly.

Funny shirt though.

Congrats Bass!

Where’s that kitty going? Nowhere.

Where you goin’? NOWHERE.

Thanks for comin’ out.

“Why is that cat wearing gold headphones around its sides?”

[-passerby seeing the shirt]

ha! that is the face of a cat about to give someone a “talking to” in one language or another.

I couldn’t understand why the cat had a pair of headphones wrapped around its legs.

Then I read the shirt title, and like an optical illusion, the headphones suddenly looked like a (Denver) boot.

Putting the boot on was easy. But the person who takes it off gets an eyeful of cat scratch fever!

Congrats Shawnna!!

I reaaaaally don’t get it. Someone save me!

Im going to wear this around Philadelphia and see if I get on that show Parking Wars.

This has to have been harder than Belling the Cat.

The practice of placing a “boot” on car tires in certain places.