Put Some Jingle in Your Jangle



Once you go prelit, you never go back. Am I right?


I don’t know what I was expecting when I read “Put some jingle in your jangle” but I was surprised to see the winter wonderland, I must say.


Is there expedited shipping available for the topiaries?


Yes. You are right. :slight_smile:


Doesn’t look like it. It would show on the Order Detail page while you’re placing your order if so. Sorry.


TT, do you know the brand of this tree? We had a bad experience with a prelit a few years back, and I’d like to check reviews on this specific tree before buying. Thank you!


I would like to know the brand as well. It does seem like a good deal, but I don’t want it to be as cheap feeling as some I have dealt with.


I’ve been shopping for an artificial Christmas tree for about a week now and it looks like these might not be the best deal in terms of quality. The tip count for such a tall tree seems rather low. That isn’t the most important factor, but is something to consider. But considering how expensive 9 foot trees are if you are on a budget and height is very important to you it is possible to cover almost anything with tinsel.


Does this collapse? How do you store it between seasons (or do you leave it up all year, lol)?


What item are you asking about?


Very interested in the prelit trees but I want to know the brand as well as the assembly. It’ a great price for a 9 foot tree but I am curious about the wiring (ie if one bulb goes out does the whole tree go out)


topiary eh? What video game have i seen this stuff in before? is it The Sims?


I think we’re all asking about the prelit trees. Can you tell us what brand they are?


In for brand as well?


FYI: The pre-lit tree brand is CMI Lights.

Now, go buy 3.


Sorry, I guess we should have asked for brand and model #.


I bought 2 of the burlap reindeer and am very happy at how they will look decorated with white lights in each of my big front windows. They are really cute. My windows are really close to the street and I have to decorate them for the seasons almost like store windows and I have to buy in doubles… These are just darling! Maybe mini ornaments in the antlers??? I know kids will stop my windows and look every year. By the way on the XMAS wreaths I watched another program and they charged $21.96 for delivery! I am buying the $40.00 prelit wreath here too with free shipping since I bought the deer.


very cool! you will dominate the holiday!


Is anyone else still awaiting shipment? Specifically of the Santa moose. Thanks!