Put Your Feet Up: Recliners, Your Choice



So I sat in these at the office.

The brown is a comfy soft chair that you could easily nap in.

The light one is a bit more firm but I like the way it wrapped around me.

Both are super easy to recline with just a push on the back.


check out these comments from when this was sold back in January on home.woot



Just like last time — if the brown one came in gray, I’d probably buy two.


My house is a dust magnet. I must have leather. I would even throw in a few more greenbacks!


Bought it last time and love it. My problem was that FedEx said they delivered it but it wasn’t to me! When we finally tracked it down I went over and collected the chair myself. It’s not at all heavy, but for it’s light weight, it’s very sturdy. Easy for this older lady to unbox and put together.I have only good things to say about this chair. Small footprint and it doesn’t take a lot of room to recline from the wall, Go for it!


I’m hoping the only assembly required is putting the legs on??


And sliding the back onto two posts in the base. No tools required. Study the legs carefully, there are different front and back legs.


The back looks a bit short on both chairs - so one’s head won’t be supported in the full recline position. Can someone comment on this as there is no measurement for the seat back?


I have used Woot for many years without a single problem so even after this “warning”, I’m still in for one.


The Psychic (tan) seat back is about 24 inches tall.


Does anyone know what the frame made of? Press board/plywood/hardwood?


Are they wall-huggers?


Shucks, the Psychic sold out before I could pick one up. Anywhere else that they could be purchased? Alternatives?


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Bought one of these when they were first on the site back in November. We hate it. It came dirty / stained from shipping. It squeaks every time we sit in it. - And to make matters worse, its not even comfortable. (Bought the lighter one). I contacted Woot, asking for some help and consideration due to my tenure on the site and was told they would send me a label and give me a refund. I never heard back from them after I responded. I emailed support 3 more times and was ignored. I tried to use the “return protection” from my credit card, but it required me to pay for shipping (which was over $150) I ended up moving it up to our attic and buying another recliner. I know that buying furniture online can be risky, especially from a site that publicizes that they don’t accept return. My issue is that I was told I would be able to return it and get my $250 back - but i’ve since been ignored. I think Woot is great - i’ve been buying woots since 2004, and this has definitely made me think that the site isn’t what it used to be.


The back of the chair is too short; my neck was uncomfortable, especially when reclining.

I’m just under 5’ 11" tall; this reclining chair (brown) may be a problem for many.