Puuurrr Remix Eggplant

How come this isn’t available in kids sizes?? My daughters would love this… Is there anything that can be done?

EDIT : Also is this screen printed? There are no stats.

All glow-in-the-dark designs are screened.

Eggplant blanks are not manufactured in kids sizes. As the AA women’s shirts are not tapered, they make for a reasonable alternative. Indeed, one artist used to buy the women’s sizes for his nephew because of its longer length.

This is a special order color so we don’t have it in Kids sizes.

Screen Print vs Digital depends on how many get ordered.

Hello ThunderThighs…

… The Eggplant does come in children sizes, this shirt is offered in Childrens sizes : http://shirt.woot.com/offers/tough-princesses-remix-eggplant-2?ref=sh_cnt_wp_2_2 and it’s being offered right now.

Is there something that could be done that I could get PURRRR in a Childs size?

That’s a mistake there, not here.

American Apparel 2105/2201.

AA doesn’t offer eggplant for kids.

Narf is correct. The kids sizes have been removed from that sale.