Doubly delightful design! Love that it’s available in two cool colors.

And yes, we are all mad here.


Can’t resist. lordbowen left it on the table. Puuurrrfect.


Yep eggplant and cats!! puuurrrfect!


Purple catshirts?!? YAY!

With my purchases out of the way, PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZING CHARTS, FOLKS! American Apparel shirts have different sizing versus the Anvil shirts.



Purple AND GitD? Whaaaat?

I… I might have to get one in spite of the fact it’s not a fox. And is a bit girly. Just because it’s THAT awesome. o.o;


My dislike of cats in general and my love of the Cheshire Cat are coming into direct conflict with this shirt…


Glad you got to say it! My cats give me dirty looks if I use that word (or baby talk) around them.

But you can get it in purple…borderline indigo.

Hey, TA, here’s a fox I bet you don’t have. Or want. LOL.


Wish all your shirts came in different colors!!! Just think of it - we would be forced to buy one in each color!


I can haz t-shirt?


Oh why isn’t this in kids sizes?! I came on to buy it for my daughter.


The navy has child sizes! Perhaps because the different colors have different shirt manufacturers? I would also prefer purple for my son (his favorite color), but navy is better than nothin’! :slight_smile:


Stupid question: are both colors GITD, or just the eggplant one? Thanks.


Welp, I thought, hey this sure sounds like something my mom would complain about and there ya go. She did.


Both are!

And sadly there are no eggplant kids sizes available at all. You can complain to AA.


I agree that there should be kid’s sizes in the purple. The American Apparel shirts always fit my tall, thin son so well. The necks on the newer blanks tend to get stretched out to the point that he can only wear them as sleep shirts.

I ordered a men’s size small, in purple, for my son (his typical size is 7). It will be big on him, but he will get a kick out of wearing it around the house and testing the glow in the dark feature. I think boys should be allowed to enjoy kitties and purple too.


Just what I was looking for! I love cats and even more the chesire cat!


This is a truly great shirt.


Or just buy the women’s shirts, as one artist did for his nephew who needed the extra length.

Have I mentioned PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZING CHARTS yet? Wooters - don’t come back ranting that “I ordered a woman’s shirt and was sent a ___ shirt.”

(blank to be filled in as appropriate)


I love the shirts but found on the last few I bought the quality has changed. Two have already ripped at the seams around the sleeve :(. Please bring back the Best Quality Shirts you used to print on…