Shirts from 3+ years ago were manufactured by American Apparel, which the eggplant ones offered today are.

The navy ones are supplied by Anvil.



Thank you! My second tee from Woot and I love it!

Actually I bought one for me and one for my girl. :slight_smile:

Regards from Italy.


I’m unable to change the color from navy to eggplant, I’m guessing that means it’s sold out? :,(


Sorry, eggplant was only available on the day of launch.


Just for curiosity, why there is a “double” (*) illustration for the printed image? :slight_smile:

*= (one with the cat and the caption “purr” and the outher one with a cheeshire-like cat and the phrase “We’re All Mad There” inside the “Purr” caption)


It’s how it’d look in the dark (because of the glow-in-the-dark ink).


Thank you! I didn’t know that it was a glow-in-the-dark design…It’s even more awesome :smiley:


Wish the eggplant color had been available in the Anvil Tee.


these run very small. My daughter wears a 12/14, so I bought her a women’s medium for a night shirt. It fits her snuggly.

  1. Which color did you buy this on?
  2. Did you check the respective sizing chart, which were in place and properly linked to on this shirt’s debut day?


I’m wearing a Woot American Apparel 3x Mens shirt now, and it fits. The listing say buy one size up did there sizing change or is it still the same? I really like this shirt and want to be able to wear it.


They’re still the same. I believe the cautionary note is that the sizing is different from the standard offerings of the past 3+ years.


Will there be more offered any time soon?


Probably closer to Halloween- keep checking shirt’s front page to see if we have any glow in the dark sales!