Puzzle :O!


See how far you get, Please don’t share any answers.


I got somewhere but it’s pretty stupid.


So, your calling it stupid because you cannot go any further. Hmm…


Whatever kid.


As you wish,
PS: im 14


Then it fits, you are a kid.


14 would be more of a teen, not a kid no? I see flames flaming. I guess nobody’s attempting the puzzle? Theres a prize, and no its not a kid thing.

PS: http://www.sxc.hu/index.phtml is a good free stock images site.




I have no clue what the fuss was about, but Gatz and I looked into it, discussed it with a few of you, and it seems pretty clear-cut:

Unlike several posters to this thread, the original poster was not the one in violation of the rules. There is no reason to lock a legit thread and certainly no reason to flame it. Don’t like it? Don’t post to it.

Past threads that were flamed and locked, to which some of you referred, were created by spammers, in violation of rules. This op was repeatedly flamed, from what I see in the deletion forum. There was no posting of **Free XXXX, Lamewootcopycat.com,**etc., and the op, a teen, was not even guilty of flaming in his replies.

I am returning this thread to cowperson, as it appears was attempted on more than one occasion. The rules may not be heavily enforced in this forum, due to time restrictions, but it has always been made clear that they still apply to all of woot (and wine.woot, from which this forum is also accessible).

Violations, when found or reported, will be enforced:
Reposting of deleted posts is a probatable offense, as was the mod-baiting that followed. If you feel a thread/post is in violation of the rules, click report. Response time will vary, but the reports are read and action is taken, by staff or mods, when appropriate.

The End.