PWA: Another thread older, but less mature...






Night all.


Well thank you birthday boy!

I think that title just gave us permission to whine. :tongue:


oooo first page! It’s all clean and stuff.


Guy finally showed, guess what?
That’s right it’s the compressor.
They should have one come in soon, so only a few more sweltering nights. Maybe it’ll rain tonight and cool things down…


That sucks. Didn’t you say earlier that you had portable units?


is that like a detachable penis?


Thanks, Cruzer. Did you fill the fridge before you left?


You totally just reminded me of this song. Such a creepy song.


uggh I ate too much… entering … sloth… mode… now


I love that song!


Oh, lets just feel old.
Beckett’s mom is just a few years older than me.


Yes I have 2, one is in the master b/r and the larger one is in the living rm/tv rm/dining rm/kitchen area. They help but they aren’t central air. It’s down to about 77 in here now.
Storms are expected so that’ll help with the temp, but the humidity will be a bear.


Makes ya miss living up North doesn’t it?

Seriously though, my sympathies. Nothing worse than crappy sleep from it being too hot. We always have a few nights like that before it settles into being hot for the summer and we get the AC in. We’ve already had two nights like that, then it got cold again.


Not having seen the episode - was when she died, or would be now?


Yeah I didn’t have a/c in Canada with the exception of the last 4 years I lived there, not even in my car.

Doesn’t look like we’ll be getting rain tonight, maybe tomorrow.It all went south and east.


And a few years younger than me.

Lots of suspending beliefs tonight.


Plus trying to remember story lines that I forgot.


LOL, so everywhere you need to go has ac, except the bathroom!


well, to tell the truth we did have the ac on until the room cooled down last night. It was way colder out than inside the house.


Hasn’t been so much the heat here as it’s been the dew point. Too sticky.