PWA: Another thread older, but less mature...


Woe is me. Have to get up at 6:00 tomorrow morning in order to get to grandparents day for #2 grandson. I foresee a midmorning nap.


You shouldn’t be here.

I’m gone too.


Night all. Tomorrow.


Good morning all.


Morning all.

I am hoping to avoid turning on the ac until June.


Mornin’, folks.


Morning. Ugh.


RIP, Maurice Sendak. Have a good trip to where the wild things live, and ROAR with them all night.


Good morning everybody!


And he had the best interview ever!


PreT-Ty sneaky that the school has Grandparents Day during Book Fair.


morning, y’all



Best interview ever.

Never really liked the books, but he seemed great.

I guess he doesn’t have to worry about ebooks anymore.

Proof it was the best interview in the history of interviews, The NY Times agree!

Here is the interview. Parts one and two. Gotta watch to the very end. The ebook part is the last few seconds of interview two.
Part one, 7 minutes

Part two, 7 minutes.

Colbert: Murice, what do you think about ebooks?

Sendak, pumping his fist in anger.

F— them is what I say. I hate those ebooks.
They can not be the future.
They may well be.
I will be dead.
I won’t give a s–t.


Sad times.


Well, it was!


This is a new unit too, right?

Geeze, when we bought the house, the general thought was if you were redoing the kitchen, and the appliances are more than 5 years old, get new.

At that time 5 seemed new, compared to what our parents had.
Hell, my mother in law has the refrigerator that come with the house in the basement. Still running. 1958

Now we have had the service guys for stuff that is brand new.

The 2 year old ac units don’t take the humidity out of the air.
One problem with the old units was the pan would fill with water and smell.
No smell with these. No water in the pan.


So much for being productive this morning. At least I can work tonight if I don’t get another migraine. Something has been triggering them in the evenings and I haven’t found it yet.

  1. Your units are oversized for the heat load. They don’t run long enough to take out the humidity, leaving your house cold and clammy (no comments on the occupants)
  2. The pan needs to drain to the outside. You probably had the drain line full of gookus, leading to backup.

ETA: I just passed on a house purchase because the AC units were 22 years old and I don’t have $20k to replace them.


crap, must have hit “reply” instead of “edit”.


Yeah, we have a window unit that’s bigger than the room, but it’s also the only AC in the place. Luckily humidity isn’t as much of an issue here.

We really need to replace the windows in the living room (now that we fixed the walls and painted, uggh. But windows are expensive and don’t add to the home value so we’ve been avoiding it. //sigh