PWA: Because 116 pages is just too many.

A shiny new PWA! First post!

Whoa! Second post.

Double Whoa.


How’s life and wife, Cruzer?

You did it! Congratulations! A brend new thread! Great job, everybody! It’s great to be here.


Welcome back!

Don’t forget to let us know when the little one shows up!

So that’s why I couldn’t hit reply. Now I’m going to have to do this all manually.

I’m only about 6′0″; I feel like it was a child’s tie. I’ll probably try to keep a coat and tie at the office now, at least while the legislature is in session. I suppose I should keep a proper collared shirt, too.


I actually did have a minor cold when I posted that, but I’m very curious about the symptoms you experience with a cold if “fuzzy face” is part of those symptoms. I just blurred my face so it wouldn’t be that easy for the bubba to track me down.

And yeah, coat and tie are required for all men on the floor of the house while it’s in session regardless of what they’re doing.

How did you move the post here?

You teck people are just to smart.

as if the nsa doesn’t already have “blur recognition technology.”

what about pants?


Slightly less hi-tech than sarcasm detection.

And, no more baby robins. They left last night.

“In a sign that the agency’s software is not completely up to date, the tender notice specifies the analysis tool must be compatible with Internet Explorer 8, which was released in 2006.”



XP, anyone?

i bet they use vista.

There was a lot of copying and pasting.

I’m not worried about the NSA. (Hello, friendly NSA monitor!)

Oddly enough pants are not mentioned so it would appear pants are optional.

Seriously, someone was wearing cargo shorts. I was kind of envious of him because it was pretty warm in there [insert joke about legislators and hot air here].

That was fast!

I’m suppose to keep a bandaid on my finger for 10 days.

I just noticed, the finger is bandaid free.


It is going to be a long 10 days.

I’ve put 2 on so far today.

WtheH, how are they falling off so quick?

i think you’re supposed to take them out of the wrapper.

Ok, I laughed out loud, literally.