PWA: Because There's Nothing Better To Do!


gab on


will do.
How are ya, cruzer?


Nice new place, Cruzer. :slight_smile:


Ohh it’s all new and shiny here!

Thanks Cruzer!

Hi Tall!
Hi Ace!


Evening folks!


first page post by one post w-hore!


Please get a room, Mr. Knney.


I’ll do whatever it takes to get in your random quotes page.

And remember, it’s Kneny in real life… :slight_smile:

SILLINESS: Randomly quoted posts of no particular significance.

Mr. Kneny,

Since the quotes are random, post more to increase your chances.

You are also free to quote yourself there yourself.


Wow, I feel even more special to have been included now! Thanks!


Hi folks. Thanks for giving me a new house to move in… I’m slightly traumatized by the closing of the old house… :wink:


me too. all your fault though.


Hey, I was in sickness-induced stupor for the PWA closing. Not my fault there. Of course, the Last Post thing, YEP, that was me. All me. But hey, between kenney, v8r and I doing a large percentage of the dragging to get it up to 100, one of us deserved it :wink:


Are you coming out of lurkerdom now?


Well, I didn’t want to impose. I promise I’ll do my best to as to only post random quotes that are of equivalent quality to those random posts that you have already posted over there in that thread there.

So there. Thank you.


Ohh and where was I? :wink:

And with that I am off to mentor my teen girls group. Talk to you all later!


cant… seem… to… stay… away.


Well, you did disappear for a bit, but you did represent. My bad.

Last… whoops.


1st Page! 1st post! Does it work with a Mac?


I miss puppies… last one was, oh, 25 years ago. By the time my collie passed on, I was married and she’s allergic to dogs (supposedly). But I was promised that when the kids are a bit older, we can get a dog.