PWA: Chatterbot the chatterbox

nice new thread, eh?

The best…

As always. Place looks good. Nice and clean. Music playing. Dinner cooking.

took you long enough… didn’t the last one close hours ago??

I wasn’t going to say anything, but now that you mention it…

congrats, poof.

1st page!

well, since daj isn’t around to be smacked…

//smack poof

did you even noticed it was closed until like a few minutes ago?

I noticed at like 8:30 when no one had posted in a while… I only just asked you a few minutes ago. I noticed long before that.

I’m a perpetual lurker… :shy:

Sorry you took the smack for that one… I think Cruzer’s afraid to smack me… online anyway…

Thank you.

WHAT??? He smacks you offline? Call the cops.

I don’t smack her, I tickle her…

not smack smacks… like online woot smacks… but I usually start it so…

This is all sounding like some sort of kinky thing.
What happened to our Cruzer???

Wasn’t kinky… but now it’s awkward… so I think that means bedtime!


//killed in under a page

see you all tomorrow!