PWA: Chattier than Cathy


Just because I like it and it is that time of the year


First post!

I think those lights are local. Is that what your house will look like next year?

Nice place, Cruzer.


Second Post!

Chatty Cathy Commercial
Chatty Cathy – Little Known Facts


Nice place. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the new digs, cruzer.
There’s no place like home…


Gnite! Have a great Christmas Eve!


Won’t you be here tomorrow?


Christmas Eve used to be a big deal when I was a kid, and I tried to make it so when the kids were little.
Now it is just me and Daughter… we will probably go to Mass and then maybe open gifts.
If she had any gratitude at all she would get married and give me some grandchildren!!


1st page!


Dog for you!!


can you dog a dogger?


But I can count the times a woodchuck chucks when a woodchuck would chuck wood…


If I give myself 24 hours, I will not be sneaking to find a computer all night! Especially since the nieces have made it their quest to figure out my password!


Don’t do it, you’ll miss the c r a p.


Nice name.


Ya think?
It could be, maybe tomorrow night…


I made sure I was home by 1 so I could get it last year and…Nothing!
I came home early, was there with my finger on the I want one button and still nothing.


But if you don’t try, you have no chance at all.


Yeah, I remember 2 years ago there was a “stocking of crap”
I got 3, and boy, it was indeed crappy!
I don’t know if I have gotten one since…


Well, tomorrow is THE day in hubby’s family.
Plus the lights won’t light and a piece of siding blew off, so lots to do, even to get back to where we were this morning!

So…night all!
See you tomorrow!