PWA: Chatty Revival

annnnnnd continue.


So what happened to Prattle?

Well, here is the story, as far as I can figure out…
I went to lock PWA from the first post, so I don’t know who gets last post.

I hit delete by mistake and Poofs post was gone.

Then I hit lock and it locked at the second post.

Then suddenly I found the thread with Poofs post back.

I looked in EBW in a new window and the whole thread was gone.

I checked my other window and unlocked pwa to see if it would come back.

It didn’t.

I was confused. Why was it on one window and not the other???

Then I noticed I was in the deleted post thread.

Somehow the entire thread ended up in the deleted posts!


KtC had last post

I am a id**iot.

That is all.

when they lock a thread, man they ain’t kiddin’ around.

I will now go hide in shame.

You’re the victim of your own eagerness!! :tongue:

She; not “they.”

Sure hope somebody doesn’t need to look for something in that thread.

And Cruzer was around to start a new one!!! Amazing things happening.

Agreed, and thanks for last post which was basically me saying I wanted Last Post.

I don’t believe in coincidence.

It wasn’t, cruzer had posted that he has been offered the job he interviewed for and dname asked if he’d be around for a bit so she could lock the thread.

Ahhh, well. Bed time shortly, anyhow. G’night.

we can fish stuff out, if y’all need something. could probably have a person restore it, if necessary.

pretty impressive work, d’name!

Since I missed that part, Congratulations, Cruzer. Now you have to decide whether to take it or not.


i may be wrong, but i thought he posted that he was leaning towards waiting a coupla months for another job offer from his current place.


At this point he’s planning on turning it down and sticking with a hopeful promotion with his current employer.

Lets see Turken also dropped in and said hi. Linked a flash game he is playing. Seems alright, but I don’t normally play flash games.

I’m off to pick up Ver3 then I really have to sew two black skirts tonight. Guess I should draw a pattern and get to it.

C’mon, D’name, you can come out and play, nobody’s mad at you.