PWA: Chatty Revival


I see it poof, it is the one from last time.






Oh, I was lost there. I thought you meant what I wanted to show jq and I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about.


What did you want to show jq?

Damn pm’s.


Has to do with basketball. You really wouldn’t be interested.


Do you have this monkey, the one on kids?


Yep, just checked. It came from kids when I got it.



I think spring starts at 7am.

Heard something about it on the news.


Nobody making trouble. Might as well go to sleep.

See you in the springtime!


I’m going to have to look that up. They do realize that Moscow ID is a small town with nothing really nearby?


Seen and replied. I think your picks are fine.

g’nite, folks!


Good morning all.
My a$$ be a draggin’ today. We went to a Eric Clapton concert last night.


Mornin’, I’back; folks.


Good morning everybody! Lucky Ice! Going to the beach in a few for a short run. For some reason, ha, maybe because we are old, we are sore.



Morning folks.


oh, that is what it was.


Morning all.

Son & I went to see the new OZ movie. We really liked it. We’re into OZ though. We read the first 18 books or so when he was young.



What happened to all the ups girls?