PWA? Check

I think I belong here.
At a minimum, just to keep my mindless ramblings out of the “important” threads.

Here? Or there?

I’m so confused…

Here on EBW, because I’m a PW. :slight_smile:


I was thinking you meant ‘in the PWA’ thread, but here you were, WAYYYY out from there…





We PW have a thread, feel free to come crash it, it needs some new blood! Welcome to the EBW :slight_smile:

By all means, join us on PWA:FLASH POSTINGS. We’re really good at mindless rambling.

Are we sure J5 isn’t an iteration of J3??

Whatever happend to J1, J2, J3, & J4?

Dunno; just askin’.

Was there a J3?

We only see him during “March Madness” anymore.

Whoops - I never realized that I should be or belonged somewhere. I guess you might say I simply wandered through so many times I was compelled to join in. Where should I be (except in an insane asylum)?

Wherever the rest of us are.

Oh, jcubed. I didn’t realize who you were talking about.

Maybe I’m the only one who called him J3!

No, others did.

Exactly; no others did.

I’ll try again

Yes, others did.

Or more distinctly…
No, you weren’t the only one. Others did too.

hey hey, I didn’t mean to threadjack a legitimate PWA thread with my own admission of PWishness.
(and I’m not related to Johndis5, for the record.)

There was a guy we called J3 for short.
But he graduated college and found a real life and dumped us.

We usually have only one PWA. Then the guy who always started that thread graduated, got a real job, bought a house, got married and got a puppy.
Now we have to go searching for him to start a new thread!
That is why there were two PWA threads. We didn’t know if he would show up.

Your bigger problem is you need 1,000 post to be a post whore!

You are more than welcome to stick around and build up your count!

Post anywhere. We are mostly friendly.