PWA: Come at me, bro.

Hi EBW denziens,
Your thread got too big so I made you a new one.

When last we left our 101 page thread, joyner, poof and Mavyn had checked in for the morning.

She doesn’t get it.

Thread was too big, made you a new one. Sorry to be helpful?

Be nice, Az. Inky is new and doesn’t know.

They’re quite used to thread locking at 100 pages but certain threads have owners. PWA was Cruzers thread. We’ve been known to wait for days for him to create a new thread. However, since Cruzer got married, he’s not around much anymore so Don’t has adopted the thread.

We usually just hang out in az’s Yammer thread until Cruzer (or Don’t) create the new thread.

Similarly, Poof owns 2 of the word game threads and KtC owns the Banana word game thread.

And this is important why?
It’s nice to know a bit of history, but waiting for people who are gone (or effectively so) or for the “right” person to take action seems a bit silly in the interest of maintaining whatever semblance of social interaction is left in these (here) parts.

But what do I know, I’m just a noob. :happy:

Mostly a courtesy thing since they created the thread originally.


Don’t worry Inky, we will forgive you!

I like the little review part you put in. We should do that.

Who locked this?
Gee, it is hard enough to find cruzer to open a new thread. Now we have to worry that new people, who have no why of knowing the silly rules that guide us, are going to have their feelings hurt.

Inky, don’t worry about it!
If it was you. If it wasn’t … why lock the thread???