PWA: Creative Creations


hi yourself!

first page!

No1’s the beginning and the end! Or is that the end and the beginning?

Hi, Cruzer, nice to see you.

OMG, Cruzer lives!

Well this is it for me, heading out for most of the rest of the night. Heading on a Costco run, might try to see if there is an old fashioned kids shoe store somewhere down there too.

Oh LMR, can you tell the theme of my gladiators in Ateste? I have WAY TOO MANY gladiators, but I like buying them!!!


Raining. Again. //sigh//

Husband got the part of the lawn that didn’t have standing water mowed. After he picked up about a garbage can full of sticks.

Cruzer where did you find the name for this thread. Sounds like a fairy.

Hey everybody! Great new place. Hi Cruzer! Poof go back to yammer and read my tax story. Dinner is ready. See you tomorrow!

Oh, wow, that really s u c k s. They must just now be getting around to 2009. Are you changing tax preparers?

or caterers.

Yay! PWA came back!

Which reminds me, I was going to complain that you appear to be taking multiple women out of the dating pool at once. And here I am all alone!


I don’t know. It was a really difficult return. Lots of extra stuff but… we probably will get somebody else. I hate to give all my financial stuff to somebody new! He didn’t seem too upset about it. It was daughter2’s godfather. He’s done our taxes for 20 years! What about you? Are you going to change preparers?

Probation for saying first page when it was really first post.

aren’t you circumventing the filters?

No. I just talked to mine. He’s embarrassed. I have a hunch this will only be about $15 more than we would have paid back for '09.

Aren’t you?

Isn’t that statement mod bating???

More probation!

I’ll do it at night, and you won;t even know you have a “record”

i’m not the one going around talking about probating people!

Not people, only you.

Calm down, children.