PWA: Do you post what I post? (The Holiday Special)


I suck at names…


do you suck at other things??


hi all


Hi, do the new digs have a view?



good morning rain


That conjurs up a mental picture of someone orallizing on peoples name badges. Ewww! I’m glad mine is on a lanyard!



good night you all


gnite pb


First Page!!!




tempting fate - huh?


It doesn’t count back here.


that last thread sure went out in style. 223 pages


This user cannot post until her rat says its o.k.

I wanna be a mod when I grow up!


Goodness, y’all have been busy.

Zilla probated twice I see.

Mod nixed PBL’s last post on PWA.

Was 77 this afternoon then dropped 30 degrees in 1 hour. Felt it on my walk. A warm wind blew and then suddenly from a different direction a fierce cold wind started. Never felt it change that fast personally. Current 35 with a wind chill of 23 and rain/hail.


trust me; that’s not anywhere near all it’s cracked up to be.


Good Morning Gman
Good Morning PBL
Good Morning cruzer
Good Morning STLW
Good Morning KT
Good Morning dont
Good Morning Lynnie
Good Morning Zilla
Good Morning Tall
Good Morning Qwerty
Good Morning NeoLuddite
Good Morning Ace
Good Morning Poof
Good Morning Czar
Good Morning jcubed
Good Morning Fen
Good Morning Blue
Good Morning Brownie
Good Morning zea3
Good Morning mwiseman
Good Morning gwp
Good Morning daj59
Good Morning tennbeekeeper
Good Morning ircmaxell
Good Morning to everyone else in the whole world


You’re near Dallas/Ft Worth, right? Last I checked its supposed to blow through Houston around 6 this morning. Boy am I glad I got the leaves cleaned out of the pool on Sunday!


Rat is happy. It has been fed and is now running the food to the bottom of the cage where he will hide it from himself!. Oh, wait, I still have some cold cuts! I’ll give him a little piece of that. He will be an extra happy rat!

Honest, he is really cute. I’ll take more pictures to prove it soon, Hubby stole my camera to take pictures for ebay.
He sold the turntable I gave him as an engagement gift. Fool, I will make him pay for that a few billion times!