PWA: Evil Death Stare!

Someone help kid crosby get her evil death stare working!

Death stares FTW.

Congrats to KdC

heh. nice!

congrats kdc on last post!

Congratulations Kid.

I don’t think we’ve ever had a new PWA this quickly. Congratulations Cruzer. Obviously a lot of thought went into the new title. //snicker//

my head hurts now.


(just to fit in)

It’s cold and windy and I want thick fuzzy socks, darn it.

Concert tonight!

That’s what I told him in an IM but he denied it.

The winds blew over the blackberry bush in the yard.
It looks like there must have been a really strong wind that hit the house and actually knocked over the plants up against the house.
Like it traveled down the side of the house and then pushed away.

Damn thing is getting flowers that will turn into berries.
But it is a thorn bush.
I don’t know if I want to replant it . Would need lots of protective gear!

1st post.

1st page

I’m pretty sure I’ve been ready before and posted a few pretty quickly.

btw. y’all need to talk quickly on this thread because I’m not sure that I’ll be around much after mid june. :tongue:

Why? Same house. Same job. I’m sure you spend a lot of time with geg now.
You better watch out, you’ll end up with babies and then you never have any time.

"Cry HAVOC, And let slip the tongues of PWA!!

Y’all can go back to work now.

That’s just dirty.

Yeah, I’m confused. Unless you’re referring to while you’re on your honeymoon, but that’s a given.

Then, it’s in the right place!

Lena Horn died. Great granddaughter of a slave.
Was allowed to sing in white clubs, but not socialize with whites in the club.
Lots of change in one lifetime.

Had a secret marriage. Husband was white.

Ho-hum; new thread; no thrill.


//going to work on my stare//

Edit: After I go eat lunch. Probably at the wings place.