PWA: Flash Posting

Happy days! Oh happy days no more imitation threads needed. :tongue:

well look what the cat dragged in

About damn time.

Who me? Couldn’t be…


I had the brilliant idea to deck over the front porch in 100+ heat. Goty it 95% done but it damned near killed me.

You need to do that in december.

I’m hearing fireworks and it is still light out.

I’m betting on 2 nights of fireworks.

Where are the deck and puppy pictures???

I’m betting on three since there were a bunch around us last night.

Who are you?

Now it is dark and nothing.

Rusty was barking at them earlier.

freakin fireworks

Oooooooh! Aaaaaaaaah!

Wifie has them on facebook.I’m too lazy to figure how to get them on here.I used these
I had some time and nothing I really needed to do…It’s a rare event and I took advantage of it.

woof! grrrrr!

I hear them, but not up the block.


Thiswill give you an idea what they look like installed.


Very nice. Also very expensive.