PWA: Hana Hou! Nau wale no.

continue on.

First post - me, me.

Oh, yeah, nice place. Was this a foreclosure?

Probation for saying 1st post!


You have a question on Yammer.

Nah. Just a rental home.

So nothing in here is ours?

It was a rental. I did the best I could with th place.

Okay. So if we don’t have hot water some day, we call you? Or some night.

The entire PM thread is gone. I didn’t do it.
I didn’t read it today. Son used my computer, but I don’t see how he could have deleted it, if it wasn’t on the screen.

It was like this last night.


Off to sleep now.

Night all. Tomorrow.

Good morning all.
This place must have been rented out to a bunch of college kids but thanks Cruzer.

Good morning everybody! Maybe Cruzer should get the carpet cleaned. Some new paint would help too. I like to mask off stuff with the blue tape.


Moving day. 6 inches of snow. More coming down.


Going to pack some stuff, I guess…delayed pick up of the truck. No point in wrecking whilst moving.

Pau Hana!

A Hawai’ian themed PWA? I’m back then!

But seriously, I’ve been neglecting PWAing for a while. Think I’ll stay around for the morning and catch up.


You get the holiday? Happy President’s Day!

I remember, back in the 60s, we had both Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays off!

We didn’t get either in SC.

edit: Didn’t get Columbus day either.