PWA: How do you counteract the magical touch?

Or do you want to counteract the magical touch?

and continue…

Wow, I get to be the first one to post? Cool!

Meridian, MS tonight.

Good job, people were starting to fret…

Nice to have the PWA back to stretch out in.

Howdy! Storm making some noise outside tonight, but don’t know if it will drop us some needed rain.
How is everyone?

Thank you cruzer and thank you Gman for the use of Yammer.

How was the honeymoon, Cruzer?

I’m guessin’ it’s over :tongue:


YOu know you really wanted to say

1st post

Now I am going to say

1st page!

I am guessing, too, Iceback. Money has to run out some day.

This is the summer of thunder and lighting and no rain.

OK, how is everything with you?

Doing good! D’name, do you have any mice nowadays? I can’t remember!

Hey everybody! Great new place. Daughter and I are helping with Bible School. We are having a blast. TennBee it’s good to see you over here!

Thanks! Thought I’d drop in for a few minutes. It has been way too long! I’m wondering how the buy out by Amazon will eventually change Woot. Did the bigwigs get a load of cash and move to Costa Rica, yet?

Don’t know, but they are making a bunch of people move to Seattle.

Talk about culture shock, TX to Seattle. I love Seattle, but the climate is about as opposite as you can get in the states.

Hi, Tenn. No, it’s St. Louis to Seattle.

Jeez, I’ve still been posting on Yammer. Didn’t see the new thread. Thanks, AZ.

nah, it’s the St. Louis people. Dave Rutledge, Jason Toon, the writers, Luke Duff, etc.

Thanks, Poof and Josephus… well, at least they will be trading that big arch, gateway to the west thing, for some flying saucer-looking thing. :wink: Coffee will be better.

mmmmmmmmm coffee. That would be worth the move itself

Girlfriend just showed up.
Sheets on the bed are dirty
Bathroom is dirty
I told son bathroom is dirty and he said, but I cleaned it last time she was here.
2 or maybe 3 weeks ago.
His apt is going to be scary.