PWA - If the house is a rockin', don't bother, come on in.


Its worth a shot I guess.




first post


I’ll drink to that.

Congrats to Poof! Here’s your drink…finish it all, now!


Happy new home, whores…


I like it!!


this is the 8th time that we have moved.


Time for the smug dance!!!


Glug, glug, glug! Cheers, everyone. Like the name, Cruzer. Looks around Looks comfy. Feels like home.



go poof! go poof! go poof! go poof!


Congrats, poof, you bitch! [;)]


I like how neither drink ever ends…now that a good drink :slight_smile:


Have to wait till D’name gets here. Don’t know why it’s so much fun to gloat around her.


The ultimate bottomless glass!! Not THAT’S a Happy Hour!!!


I think you can edit it, because it’s your “first post”. If you want the whole title to appear on the front page, maybe use PWA, instead of spelling it out. Or flip it and spell out the PWA at the end? If you can’t change the subject line and want it done, let me know.


Would anyone reject if I changed it to PWA instead of Post Whores Anonymous?


Cuz she’s almost as good as you at having a snit?!?!? <chortle>



great minds think alike gimma!


What is the whole name, Cruzer? Have to know what to tell the cab driver after all those drinks.


Nope . . . trim it up!!!


Talk about the pot…