PWA: It's Good Enough

Who’s idea was it to close PWA right after I posted?

You could have picked a better wooter than me.

Ha! That would be Ms. D’name. She’s in charge of closing this thread.

Don’t be a stranger!

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True, but for old time’s sake…

Better yet, you could become a better Wooter.

Hey all! just dropping by.

Start on a night shift later this week, will be on that schedule for 2-4 weeks. Depending on how the process is running, will either be crazy busy, or massively boring. So, might have a chance to actually check in and chat around the wooting hour again.

Woo Hoo! Congrats Cruzer! :slight_smile:

Morning all!



Hi everybody

//waves back


Morning all.

The left girl got squished all different directions and then sonogrammed. They decided it’s just fibrous cysts. I’m all good.

Weather Report: Raining soonish.

That is good.
I have to go back next month for something they found this year. pia.
“Don’t worry about it, but go back in 6 months…no make it 5”

Gotta go to the lumber yard to get a new pole to open the new skylight. The roofer replaced the skylights when he did the roof yesterday.

Gotta go out and do a final inspection of the grass and driveway for nails. It was getting dark last night, so we put the cars on the street. Need to check the street too.
The roofers did it, but there were still some around yesterday.
I thought I got all of them, then found more right before it got dark.


Still tired.

Still busy.


Pretty tree from the picture I posted a few weeks ago is now nekkid.

Glad to hear.

and thanks for the reminder. Have to get a new DR and schedule a boob squishing.

Edit: and scheduled…

Hey. I even admitted that I had been thinking about coming here and it still took me more than 3 weeks to actually post something. I had most of the message from yesterday typed in a note on my work computer and just kept forgetting to come back.

I’m a terrible wooter, but I do actually check woot most days to see if there is anything on woot, tech, sellout, tools, sport and kids.

I guess I’ll start checking home if we ever decide on a house. We are going to see another house today.

I’m ready to get the hell out of that stupid apartment, but patience is a good thing…

If you don’t mind me asking, what made you sell? You did soooo much work on it.

umm First Page?

I’ve got nothing to add, I saw Cruzer’s post and I thought about posting, and well… didn’t

I’m a bad wooter, I’m actually mad there is a woot-off because wootalyzer is still set to autorun at start up and it’s annoying me by popping up and I’m too lazy to change the settings.

Kids? Why are you checking kids???

When do I get a internet grandkid?

Yeah, you just finished the deck. Was it because a deck was expected to sell it?

OK, got to go out and tie up the branches I cut down.
I bought a HUGE ball of twine. Enough to last a lifetime!

last post

HEY POOF! The site that must not be mentioned, just posted a picture of your gift!

We made the big time!