PWA: It's Good Enough

Good for you. I guess I’ve only been around the manly men!

are you implying we haven’t been around manly men?? lol

No, no. Implying you aren’t manly men. At least, I don’t think so. Right?

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oh ok, I am not but I thought you meant my whole family were not

Any1 seen @no1 in here recently?

not 4 at least 13 or 14 days. not manly enuf.


Fun Cleaning GIF by NBC

cleaning dusting GIF

old lady cleaning GIF

mad comedy central GIF by Workaholics

Cleansing Aubrey Plaza GIF by Crank Yankers

car wash GIF

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surprised oh my GIF



I Need It Want GIF

To clean!

Car Wash Fun GIF by Sing Movie

fail car wash GIF

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