PWA: Keeping it 'Groovy'


never know when your inspiration will come to you.


Nice new name, just in time to kick off my shoes, get some tea and have a groovy…



Nice name, Cruzer. :happy:


Nice place. I like it.

Congrats STL on last post. All those speaches and you get it with one word.


heh heh

and that word was good.

and the new thread bore it with pride

and all was good on the land and in the water.


I like it!

btw, the roomba followed me home.



Haha, nice job on last post. Now you get to rub it in our faces for the next 100 pages with this title.


What! OK, I’ll risk it

F**irst Page!


literally…you get to see it every time you come to woot! :wink:


I just slid out on one of the dogs’ toys and landed on my knee.


No cute short skirts for me for a while…



and reported!


BTW, this is for all those blasted speeches you posted…



OUCH! That’s why I walk with a dragging motion to avoid sharp hooves, pointy rawhides, or stealth dogs that might be in my path.


Please tell me you’ve seen Army of Darkness. I keep hearing Ash every time I look at this thread.


Ace! Be more careful with that hot bod of yours.


Hi, everyone. In keeping with the vernacular, nice pad, Cruzer.


Go ahead rub it on…first poor Ace gets hurt…now you’re telling her she doesn’t walk the right way and that it was all her fault


Hi again, folks!


Bluey is so sweet!!
My date last night told me i was hot, but…
He wanted to get lald, lol…