PWA: Native Woot

Daj didn’t give me much to work with on the last post so this is all you get.

//smack daj

The natives must be restless…

This native is sleepy. Gnite all.

Thanks for the new thread, cruzer.

//smack cruzer

I’m out too.

Nite all.


Guess that leaves me.

Still here, Cruzer?

That was worth it!

for now but probably not for very long.

I did see you question earlier, poof. I just don’t feel like going into a lot of detail right now. maybe later.

Sounds less than terrific. :confused:

What are you going to study???


What did you ask?

Gonna walk the doggie.

Might be back. Might not.

If not, see you all tomorrow!
Although it is mom day.

I sent you a PM, woman!
Something called “New Venture Management.” I wish UNLV’s MBA program had a concentration in international business relations, but no dice. (And lawdy knows I ain’t getting out of Vegas anytime soon…)
NVM sounds like it will suit me well, anyway.

Page numero uno of a new PWA! Hola! I had to stop by to say hello, what with the cleansed atmosphere and all. Hope all is well, EBWers!

We’re all breathing easier.

Night all. Tomorrow.

congrats on the new page
and good morning all!

Mornin’, folks

Morning all! It’s a nice day in the new PWA digs.

morning all.

back to work.