PWA: Pegasus, Winged Appaloosa


and things shall continue…


Okay, second, but still exciting.

//tucks Cruzer in for a good nights sleep//

//First Smack

No wonder he’s so tired in the morning. Someone make that kid go to bed!

Wow, did you know that the Appaloosa was petitioned for and became the state horse of Idaho because of an elementary school in the school district I grew up in? Now I live walking distance from the Appaloosa horse club, but none of their’s have wings.

Goodnight all.

Night all. tomorrow.

Mornin’, folks.

Good morning Gman and all who follow.

Good morning everybody! We are moving from our old condo to new condo. We plan on selling the old condo furnished so we have moved some stuff over and are going to move it back after we have the carpet cleaned! Aleve for all!


morning all


I could have gone to bed but you would have been without a new thread for longer! :tongue:

//Second smack

//smack back

What are you doing up so early?


Halfway through the work week, gotta love that.

More boxing, more purging, more stacking.

Anyone want an extension ladder?

Sure do ya deliver?

Cruzer, not doing brackets this year?

1st page!

Check out the filter if you spell it
first page

so anyway, I get a call this morning from the sister in law with the broken ankle.
She wants me to drive my niece back to school at 11.
I’m still puzzled by this.
The girl is 16. The school is around the block.

I walk the dog everywhere, and never saw anything that would make me think the neighborhood is unsafe.

When the kid gets her license, she will drive all over.

The mom walked 8 blocks to kindergarten, alone, at age 4. I can tell you I don’t remember kids walking that far in kindergarten.

It is just weird.

But a neighbor called that she was out in her car and would do it.
I can do it on friday, when I go for my snake feeding lesson.

I guess that is why they gave the dog back. If she think it is too dangerous to walk alone, nobody but mom of dad could walk the little ball of fluff.


took you long enough

man, you are going to be all bruised by the time you get married.
Does GEG know how to smack you? Do we need to teach her the wrist action?
I know Ace started it and it was upside the head. That is what I do at home, so I know how to do it.
I’m not so sure about DajDaThunderthighs.

Oh, good, I just tried the motion and my arthritis is not bothered by it.