PWA: Pre Woot Alcohol

Hi all,

GEG here filling in for Cruzer. He’s got a fever and bad head cold. I told him he should get a flu shot this year, but why would he listen to his wife? I’m waiting for my told you so to make sure that I don’t get it next. Wish us luck!

GEG and a half-alive Cruzer

P.S. Congrats on last post lplady!

YAY! Hi GEG! He’s not sneezing and coughing on the new couch is he?

Yup! Lots of sneezing and coughing grossness. I thought he was playing it up a lot at first, making it seem worse than it is, but I think he’s really sick… :frowning: There’s a blanket on the new couch mostly to keep the dog fur off, but currently it’s doing double duty.

My son won’t get a flu shot either.

I bet next year Cruzer gets one!

Thanks for coming over and starting the new thread.

Thanks GEG, appreciate it. And I like the new couch, it looks great. Probably looks better without Cruzer on it.

Thanks GEG! Hope Cruzer feels better and you don’t get sick.

congrats lplady on lp!

Congrats lplady on the last post.

Cruzer, sorry your sick
GEG most of all sorry Cruzer’s sick and you have to put up with his whining :stuck_out_tongue:

So far, son doesn’t figure he has a choice so he gets it.

Hi GEG! You can always hang out here you know.

No flu shots here either. I probably should get one since I work at the school, but Ver1 and Ver2 are both allergic to egg whites, and those are in the flu shot. Not really an option. I don’t react particularly well to it either, but not allergic.

Here you go mr1.
Proof that I am the only one who can’t use it.

Night all.
Another mom day tomorrow.
Plus a cold morning walk with Rusty.

congrats lplady!

Night all. Tomorrow.

Good morning all.

Mornin’, folks.

Good Morning Gman
Good Morning Czar
Good Morning Gatzby
Good Morning Cruzer
Good Morning GEG
Good Morning Suarez
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Good Morning to everyone else

good morning, rainy . :slight_smile:

everyone else in the family should be vaccinated, if they can’t take the vaccine. At least that way they can get some of the ‘herd protection’ by the rest of you not being infective.

Morning Rain! Morning everyone else!

I ‘always’ take my flu shot. If ‘always’ means that it is convenient and easy and provided at work. I’ve had one the last 3 years for sure. Skipped a few other years here and there.

Good morning everybody! GEG, great to see you! Thanks for setting us up again! Hubby and I have taken our flu shots. Daughter2 declined. She has taken them in the past but she is rebelling this year.