PWA: Public Disarray


Another bookend thread. Yay me!



applause… EDIT: Sorry I had to disappear. The kids have mysterious bumps on their tushes, so had to take them to the doc to make sure it wasn’t Chicken pox… they were both vaccinated, but the wife didn’t get them when she was young (she had Shingles later). So she was a bit paranoid. Doc checked 'em out, they’re fine. Thinks it something they might have gotten into in the pool, yard, etc.



as many as we have gone through, it doesn’t happen that often…


You deserve it…


uhh…I guess. :tongue:

enough about me! look! a nice new shiny thread!!


How rare to be 1st pagination by me these days!


about as rare as a mickey mantle rookie card.


Where’s the margarita machine?


She must have had them, you need them to get the shingles.
Daughter got the shingles in HS. Never heard of anyone else young getting them. Took the pediatrician a few tries to figure it out.

Congrats Cruzer!
I only saw the page # and closed it.

Off to the vet to see what Gerry’s bump is.


Hi stlwooter!
Going to be here when I get back???


Good morning!

Good luck at the vet. Hopefully it’s nothing to worry about.


nah, going to Vermont. I hope to be much more regular in the upcoming weeks. School stuff mostly done. Less stress and less hours.

Now I get to play at being a home owner and do something about the never-yet-mowed lawn. It is a bit scary. I am surprised I haven’t been slapped with a city fine.


OOOh, do you have one??


Do that here and they’ll give you 2 warnings and then mow it for you at a cost of about $300.


Geez! Son’s bedroom is above my office. The phone rang and he jumped out of bed for some reason. His foot was asleep and CRASH to the floor.


I wish!


how hard did you laugh?



Pretty good once I found out that he was ok.


irst-fay age-pay!!

Nice digs.