PWA: Raking in the posts




First post! Sweet!

Nice digs. Back up the truck guys, we’re moving in!


In Like sin!
edit: first page! filters filters filters!




that sucks…


Re-mornin’, folks.


re-hello gman.


Howdy, grajiet!


cruzer, I think your sig should read, " . . . they’ll sell a degree to anyone . . . "


Nice digs, mind if I slide in for a visit?


I’ve gone crazy. I thought we still get closed at 200 pages, but I went back and checked and No…it has been 100 for awhile…

if anyone sees my brain can you give it back to me?


Check the walnut bowl! :tongue:


perhaps it should…



I wouldn’t feel so bad about it if I was doing drugs! At least I would have had some fun!


You think? Well at least I read that rats shouldn’t have walnuts, or Splinter would have eaten it long ago!


Perhaps it’s in the aquarium disguised as coral . . .


Why not walnuts? I always fed my hammies nuts (as periodic treats) with no problem. Walnuts included.


If I find it again I’ll check. There was something about uncooked sweet potato too, I was giving him that.

Yeah, the reason he is so fat is the nuts and the Yogies yogurt treats…did you ever give them to the hammies?
btw, did you write one of their names was Hamlet? Cause we had a whole bunch of Hamlets! Dwarf, they only live a year or so.

Son’s friend was eating the Yogies and said, gee there are good, what are they. The other boys knew , they didn’t tell him!
Son is rooming with this kid next year.


Names were Rodney & Whizzer, two different hammies at different times. Both of them lived over 3 years! Everyone says two years but mine lived way longer than that.

My hammies were fed the regular hamster food (seed mix stuff) and then every day they got a treat. I alternated between nuts, yogurt drops, real yogurt on a cracker, broccoli, frozen peas, carrots, lettuce, freeze dried crickets (a fav), melon, strawberry, etc. A very small amount of any of these of course given their size.