PWA: Rev declares War! (The better PWA)


If you all remember back to the days before Woot 2.0 Cruz and I were in a competition for the most posts. This was ended by a technicality (about 10,000 posts), so I have decided to take on PWA.

Post Whores post here this is a woot-off, we need to be a-postin’ (and my PWA is way better than Cruz’s)


Are dogs allowed, I got one laying here next to me.
Be warned though, he needs a bath.


All are welcome. Even Democrats…on a trial basis.


Uh oh, them’s fighting words.


LOL, I DO remember that!
Sadly, many of the posts had little or no content.
I just like to chat.


Hey, we’re all wooters here


Hey, Rev, don’t know if you’re aware, but we all had to log back in.

Well, duh, of course you are or you wouldn’t be posting. I’ll just go away for a while now.


Log back in?


Yeah, main page, upper right-hand corner. They logged everybody out the other day so everyone had to log back in and checkmark their new privacy policy.


Is this a new new privacy policy? I thought did this already not to long ago…


A new one. If you go to World of Woot, Snapster started a thread explaining it.


Crap, I have to do that whole log-in thing every time I reboot.


Wow, I thought it was the same old one… I would have read it if I thought it was the same, felt a bit misleading…


nite all


Night fenstar, hope you awake to a nice new woot!


I think I may try to get some sleep now. G’night everybody


looks around
hmmmm, nice place, will stay.


this place is almost clean…not very pwa like :tongue:




I like post whoring. I shall aid you in your quest.

scratches butt