PWA: SMACKtastic central II


Keep on smacking!


Svefg Cbfg!


smack back!

…start a whole new “PWA:” thread, fill up the selector.

If no one person does more than one, it won’t be spamming - it’ll be a movement.


viva la revolucion!


That is what we are going for. I just decided to help it along. BTW, what does PWA stand for? Post Wh—s anonymous?


If you say so…


Yay, now hopefully they won’t cost the $150 that the old set cost.


If you like it, vote for it!
Thanks! :^)

All votes are good votes, y’all, so please cast a few my way!


ha done


Can you load this?


Yes but it’s slow. Doesn’t look good though.


As in it is messed up, or as in the colors are ugly and make you want to puke?


I’m guessing it’s the latter and you are cleaning off your keyboard.


Well, if it weren’t for the title, I never would have figured out that it was a bee.


Yeah… I wish there where more options on this thing…


what thing?


//SMACKS everyone on thread

A post wh0ring we go, a post wh0ring we go!

Hello people. Yes there are too many PWA threads but whats not to love about a hairy giant smelly wookie??? I mean come on he’s so cute and cudly :happy:




just look at what they put on the shelves for our children


that should be in the dodgeball contest