PWA: Spontaneously Loquacious

Congrats on the lp gman!!


Woohoo! a free hour!

First post!!!


Cool!! We all can be cool again!! . . . Well, y’all can, at any rate.

cruzer; love the retro chocolate chip shag carpet!! And where did you find the lava lamps?!?!?




cheesecake… and that’s happening tonight… for the second time this week.


Served with sauteed asparagus, prosciutto and mushrooms in some kind of enchanting garlic reduction.
EDIT: Look, I hate eating baby animals, too…but at least I didn’t get the sweetbreads.

Even though they’re really, really, really good.

The two pumpkins are almost cool. Just took the apple out of the oven. Next - pecan.

ha! I’ve never had veal…

or lamb… but only because my mother doesn’t like the taste of them, so I never had it growing up… and now that I"m older and know too much about what I’m eating… it kinda freaks me out…

I should try it anyhow

pfffft . . . I love veal!!!

I’m trying that pecan recipe tonight… before I make cheesecake and pumpkin bread. it’s gonna be a bake fest at my house

For this uninitiated n00b - other than the thread, what is the difference between PWA and Yammer Time?

I do, too. I beat myself up about it, but it’s just so darn tasty.
I get that way with lamb as well. And bunnies.

I knew a couple of cool pumpkins in college . . . aall pie-eyed and naive!!! . . . uh, nevermind . . .

blocked for me.

red x’s are sexy though.

I’d like to hear the rest of the story.

Cool vs. uncool