PWA: The Great Wall of Posts


welcome. good thing I went back to get the roomba!


first page!

edit: first post!

edit 2: man, first post in and i already killed pwa.






I usually miss the initial page. where’s all them wimmen* at?

*I see you, PemberDucky, don’t think I don’t.


first return poster!


I think it would be hilarious if we let the TKA thread die immediately, thus fulfilling its destiny as a thread killer thread :slight_smile:




Woohoo! fi****rst page!


It’s alright. I’m not a girl; not yet a wimmen.


First p**age!!!

I know that’ll get you probationed sometimes. But when in Rome…

Are we allowed to post in the TKA thread, but instead of last post type I KILLED THE THREAD?


hey britnee hows the kids?


Yea! I wont say it, just quote you on it. That way i wont get in trouble for it…or will I?


Did that bum just bookend his own thread for the third time in a row?!?!?!?

I mean . . . uhm . . . congrats, cruzer!!!

On with the show!


… such as it is.


actually, No1 got the previous one, but two out of three ain’t bad. That gets me up to 3, I think.



Who moved the furniture?


dammit, i knew i left something at home.


Oh . . . my screen still shows you as the last person to post.

Congrats, no1!!


gman, i think cruzer means i got the one that closed aug. 27. he got the one before that and the one that closed today.

edit: but thanks anyway!