PWA: too many to choose from!

I recommend you go start your own PWA thread.

no need to post here, unless somehow you really like this one.

Svefg Cbfg!

I could probably decypher that. But first something would have to inspire me to care.


Ohg, V thrff vs lbh qba’g pner V pna fnl ubeevoyr guvatf nobhg lbh naq lbh jbhyq arire xabj! ZJNUNUNUNUNUNUN

Oh, Fen, can you hold this? Thank you!

i think the last part was saying nun nun nun over and over

Funnier part is. I can just *read * nearly half of it without looking anything up.

… I know this guy, you see, who wrote a rot-13 utility … even before there *was * a WWW.

In fact, an “updated” version (6sep1998) can be downloaded from one of his oldest sites.

?fvug leg V qyhbuF

fine i will talk in code too
a yam once had toothpaste in his ear

but…if I do that…if everyone does that…how will I get my daily dose of smack?


Always glad to lend a hand!

none needed here thanks!


Are you making trouble already???

Whoa, this thread brought some old-time Wooters back!!
Glad to see y’all…

Check the dates, Ace.

I thought the same thing when I saw it.