about the same really.

Nice place you got here. Did you remember to bring the roomba?

I wasn’t the last one out!

Maybe it followed us out.

guess we’ll have to buy a new recharge station.

Or we can sneak back in and get it.

Hi Rain!

Here, I, uh, borrowed it.

(That’s a French maid outfit, if you’re wondering.)

quick, tear down the wood blocking the doors

Afternoon, I missed so much today. Took me all of a minute to catch up on everything. Guess I should go back out and do more errands. I was looking for an excuse to not finish…like someone needed cleaning tips, a new recipe, a dating dilemma question or just someone who need someone to talk to. :frowning: Back into the world I go.

  1. Cleaning… hmm… I have Rotring Artpens that don’t work any more; I stick the ink cartridge on the end but ink doesn’t want to come out. I think they might be clogged with ink, but I don’t know for sure, and I’m afraid to pull the nib off the end body piece (I did disassemble all the parts that unscrew easily) for fear of permanently damaging them. I’ve already tried soaking them in detergent (Tide) overnight, but that hasn’t helped. Not sure if I want to try bleach, that might damage the insides. Is there a safe, easy and cheap (!) way to clean them? (note: I consider buying an ultrasonic cleaner to be a little outside the “cheap” category, but I might ultimately go that route.)
  2. Not really a recipe question… is it safe to leave a crock pot unattended?
  3. Dating… hmm… What’s the best free calendar-generating software? I’d like to be able to add my own holidays and custom pics, plus events that occur every two weeks.
  4. I don’t need to talk. If I was sociable, I would be in the real world!

afternoon all… I’m pretty ecstatic here… our radio station was named best in the area! according to a local weekly paper’s readers. it’s pretty much happened every year for as long as I can remember, but still, it’s really exciting now that I’m a part of the station!

You want to come over and do the downstairs bathroom? It is just dirt, no bathroom scuz , I get that as it comes.
I know I don’t mind cleaning something new, it is the same old stuff I don’t like to clean.

Have you survived the sticker shock of radio pay?

heh, oh yeah… i get paid a big fat check of $0… it’s all about the love here :wink:

actually, if I sit in the station during a baseball or women’s basketball game and run PSAs during the commercial breaks, I get a flat fee of $30 for the game. course, it can stink if there’s a rain delay… I showed up for one show, and the guy was there for a game that had been delayed… he was going to end up being at the station for 7 hours and only getting $30… pay didn’t work out so well for him that day…

Well, that will just get you ready for real radio!
Daughters part time job working with kids paid more than double what the full time radio job did!
The kid she worked with made a little more than her, but he was overnight DJ AND Promotions director. Then again I think only 10 people work at the station. The owner cut back, which is how Heather went from full time to part time (which made it really easy to quit) because they have to pay more to stream on the internet now. Or some crap like that.

forgive my lack of radio knowledge, PSAs?

and errands done

Public Service Announcements…I’ve done enough of those for a lifetime

damn, couldn’t come up with the S in PSA.

Thanks tb.

your welcome, we use to call them Probably Something Assinine