you mean they aren’t still?

Link them! I wanna hear them!

Afternoon, folks.

heya! howdy!

Hiya, kiddo!!

howtheheck are ya?

Kodak moment!

Doin’ okay; how’s things up yer way?

not too dreadful :tongue:

oh no!! paparazzi!!

Glad to hear it.

We’re in the process of watchin’ thunder-boomers roll through the area.

lucky you!

hope we don’t got t-storms on the agenda for tonight - goin out and leaving the boys home…Mo likes to rearrange the laundry room if it storms and I’m not home…

Storms inspire his inner decorator?

yeah…he seems to think dirty laundry doesn’t belong in a pile when its storming…needs to be wall-to-wall

silly boy

He just doesn’t want the clothes to be scared.

yes…isn’t that swell of him?

It’s good that he’s so concerned for the well-being of your wardrobe.


could be worse, I guess…

he could be wearing them when I’m not home :tongue:

Maybe he is!?!?

oh then…that might explain the long red hairs in my…