ok then…gotta go…shower then out fer the evenin

toodles poodles!

ciao chow!!


good afternoon all!

Good afternoon Mr Cruzer!

are you always lurking?

Hi. Home. Just had my pedis cured. Pretty in pink.



Hi poof!

Howdy, cruzer

what’s for dinner gman?

Sure Da’Bubba and I’ll put a photo on here too while I’m at it for anyone that doesn’t know the name.
Evening All

Garlic chicken with pasta al fredo and salad.

you can just email them to me then

Howdy, t’ey.

I think we are going with teryaki chicken w/ pineapple and some peas with rice

Are you sure I know how to email? I might not be able to do that without daj’s help.

Oh, you’re back. Did you have off work today that you didn’t open your thread?
Can I go take the for sale sign down now?

We did that over the weekend . . . pineapple chicken shish-kebabs.

Pollo Rosa Maria was what I gulped down. yummy