Yep and yep. The thread ain’t been abandoned yet.

I know you don’t normally stay up late. How late of a night was it?

did you chew it? did you have in your mouth long enough to enjoy it?

oh, I forgot I purchased two cannoli for tonight to finish out the meal.

Yes, chewed, savored, mouth watering juices then gulped it down. I was real hungry I hadn’t eaten since yesterday morning when I had a yogurt.
Nice new thread. Thanks for adding central air…so much better now.

I’m talking to myself again.

Cruzer: Did you find out your answer about the property markings not being right?

I haven’t heard anything, however, it was suggested that they weren’t property lines and instead Fill stakes. They did say they were going to raise the lot some. I did go out there yesterday and saw them working on the lot. I am waiting for sis so we can go out there tonight.

With that said, if you would sign up for DP, you could have read all about that already :tongue:

I didn’t want to get into your personal business. I just thought I’d ask you about it here since you mentioned it already.

Are you one of the people that can sign someone into Facebook. I sent pbl a reply to a PM about a red monkey and asked but haven’t gotten a reply from him. Haven’t seen him on here to ask him about it.

:wah: YOU DON’T CARE!!! :wah:

That’s not true. I’m just lazy with computer stuff. How do I do it?

Blue, pblgov and Zilla can get you onto facebook

if you just need to register then you can go here to register

However, if you want to be invited to the woot group, then ask the people d’name mentioned.

Thanks, wasn’t going to do but it seems like everyone is going there instead of here.

You have to register with something that sounds like a real name.

No, nobody is there either.
I guess we are in a woot drought.

yeah that was some junk the Copyright Royalty Board did… they were going to make it more expensive to stream over the internet than to broadcast over the air, even though internet streaming radio generally doesn’t make the money like over the air broadcasting… effectively, they tried to kill internet radio. it was supposed to go into effect earlier this month, but there’s been some delays. we’re not affected by it because we’re a university and we pay next to nothing in royalties anyway, but it was still really bad news and everyone is angry about it. I haven’t paid much attention, but there was a movement to try and get congress to intervene and put a stop to this power/money grab by the music industry.

i just assumed when I came back and hardly anyone had been on the last few days that they were moonlighting on facebook. In that case I don’t need to sign up then.

you used to be in radio?

Over the years have done voice overs for television and radio.

nice! were you the person here a while back who does voice-overs? i can’t remember now… but i think it was someone else… she linked to her website once, and her voice sounded real familiar…