PWA: Unlimited loquacity

Good morning, all. Another beautiful morning.

Welcome to the new PWA. Make yourselves at home.

Wow, this is nice! It has a woman’s touch, yet I feel I can put my feet up on the furniture as long as I take my shoes off. Thanks Poof.

oooh, Look! Poof gave us vocabulary words!

Afternoon, folks.


Loquaciousness is no longer a hallmark in PWA.

I take what I can get.


Did ya have to look up loquacious?

looks @ floor



Must be dinner time; I’m havin’ pizza.

We were originally having a roast. Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near thawed. So then we were having spaghetti and meatballs. Just checked. No spaghetti sauce. Now we’re having BLTs. Bummer.

I’d rather have BLTs

Hello everyone. I have been home since Tuesday - even posted here a couple of times - but I am so gosh darned sleepy! I did go to church this morning and do four loads of wash. Now I am plain too lazy to go in the pool. I guess a lot of it is could be stress also. I like to think I can rise above that, but dunno. SIL is now under Hospice care and for that I am grateful although sorry he has reached this point. Liver failure is truly ugly.

Yes, did you?

Sorry to hear that.

I went to school in an igloo…what do you expect?

ditto. It’s 107 out and a/c not keeping up.

Prayers go out to you and your family