PWA: What were you expecting...instant messaging?

Annnnnd go…


Go where?

I’ll be walking the dog. Want me to take yours with us?

There is snow, dogs LOVE snow.

Woo-hoo. A new home. It’d be nice if you could join us occasionally, Cruzer.

Hey everybody! Nice new place! Great to see you Cruzer!

first page!

Got my brass ice scrapers today.

Also got this:

Had one something like this a few years ago and it was great. I could stand on one side of the minivan and push all the snow from the top off the other side.

All right. Enough of this. WHERE is my sig?

Edit: Oops, there it is. I know it was gone a minute ago.

I don’t see any sigs right now…

Hi all!

Nor do I.

I just spent 3 hours with a renovation contractor. We need to get our ensuite bathroom gutted and redone. I could do it no problem but I just don’t have the time and it needs to be done by mid March when my daughter and s-i-l visit. So…it will cost about 3x what I estimated. :frowning:
I hope the loan officer is in a good mood.

Congrats on the last post Kid.

a new thread, huh?

very tastey. tasteful. um, licked. NO. yummy?
I think it must be tasteful. yep.

Where’d everyone go?

I have to go start the first layer of an ice cream sundae cake that I’m taking New Year’s Day.

This new thread seems to be defective, no images and only a top post by Cruzer…

Ok, this is nice and all, but I’m on vaca… see ya all.

sounds yummy.

Since Friday is a company holiday for us, and it would normally be my Friday “off”, I’m taking tomorrow off.

I’ll be taking down my Christmas decorations and cleaning. That will be nice to have complete.

I need to grocery shop too and get what I need for black-eyed peas, and possibly cabbage.

sounds really good! I’d ask for it, but I’d have to start substituting everything.

One really bad thing about being down at Mom and Dad’s no New Years celebrations. My parents have never done anything for New Years, and I’m not in enough contact with my friends in the area to do anything with 'em.

Out to dinner with brother in law from Louisiana and his family.
Had good time.

we don’t go out NYE. Dinner and a early movie and home before the amatuers get out.

Went out before we had kids.
Always made sure we could walk home.

Lately I’ve been semi supervising the college kids to make sure they didn’t get so drunk they would throw up or pass out.

Most likely, nothing at all this year.
I hope.

No, no, no. Christmas decorations are supposed to stay up until after New Year’s Day. I’m sure it’s a rule.