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Hi Selli! When I got on around 5 I had the “staff” thread available, then later the “moderators” thread was open to the public also. I could click them but not read anything. I guess someone alerted them to the problem and they had to take the community thread down for a while.

Ah. Glad they got it back up and running before I had to go through withdrawls again. :tongue:

I could read them. Some were interesting. I wish they’d been on longer.

You think heads will roll?

Anything interesting? :wink:



Someone in the shirt group started a thread in the mod forum!
What the heck went on today???

Yea! Smackie is back from his self-imposed exile!!!

All’s right with the world.

And we killed the thread!

Completely off topic: I’m often barefoot around the house. Whenever I let Maisy in from the backyard, she gives me a toe kissie on one of my feet. Kinda sweet.

Evening folks! What’s new?

Hiya Zea.

Hangnail, right hand. Not much else. You?

Stiff neck. I’ve had one of those chemical heating pads on it all day. Helped alot!

Sleep wrong or something else?

Flare up of an old injury. I had a tragic Mime accident in high school!

You gotta watch those invisible boxes.