PWA: Where Yellow Cars Are Loved By Everyone! (But Red Ones Are Better!)

Way to go no1! no1 the locker.

Shall we try another 100?

first post!!!

Edit: I don’t think I belong in this thread.

fir**st post?

congrats to no1 for last post!

sorry? did I do something wrong?

edit: oh, I get it. The yellow cars. Guess I’m a bit slow today.

I feel included!

thanks! you like me, you really like me!

Congrats no1!

Yellow cars are great on cute little cars like Beetles. I had a yellow Beetle.


don’t push it…:tongue:

:tongue: maybe you don’t, huh?

Here Cruzer, read this!

yeller, yeller, yeller.

I don’t see a dog around here!

This was the invitation to my grandmother’s 80th birthday party a few years ago. (Image altered to protect Grandma’s privacy.)

Women in yellow cars is fine. It’s men trying to be macho in a yellow car. Just doesn’t work for me.

I think you must have made that site daj. freak.

It’s obvious that the guy is jealous of the yellow corvette and what looks to be a yellow Ferrari (or something else familiar) in the the background of the yellow car parade.

EDIT: Now that I look again, it might be a Lotus Elise.

The car was a rental that my uncle had when he was visiting her. He thought it would be funny to take her picture in it and I liked it so much that I used it for the invitation. She liked it too! (and so did her friends!)



I’m not going to get a yellow car (I don’t think) goofball.