PWA: Will the real PWA please stand up?

118 pages?

y’all are fooooooooooools

I pity da fool

First reply!

Nice new place, Cruzer. :slight_smile:

Oh, now you show up, tall. I named every kind of beer I’d ever drank (not), and still you didn’t close the last one.

Ohh sure you all started chatting after I left.

Nice new thread cruzer!

Me too.

First Page!!!

OK, Now I’ll go around the filter

F**irst Page!

I did close the last one, but I was doing other stuff too. Sorry I didn’t get online until late tonight. I didn’t realize y’all were gonna go crazy like that!

gee you don’t think they were waiting for us to go do you?

Thank you, thank you.

had to clean up the party you guys left though! Thanks a lot! sigh


stay here and chat and make girl that made me wait for days (read weeks) wait for my call

oooor give in and call girl back.


decisions decisions.

Nice new home, Cruzer.

Don’t play games. Call her back now.

Call, but only because you have some free time, don’t want to call too fast.

but games are fun!

though, the line “I’ve been thinking about you” is pretty much the what the hell are you waiting for sign. hehe

the play it smooth approach. I guess that worked for you :wink:

umm not really. . . I was engaged when I met Orc. I was a mess just before we started dating. Maybe you shouldn’t listen to my advice.

They are a nasty bunch!

I’m not nasty!


well it seems you made some good decisions and some bad ones!

its like you’re gasp human!!! :omg:

Shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone!

maybe they just had too many to drink?