PWA: You'll see it here eventually . . . if you haven't already!


Hope you haven’t missed it!

I suppose I can head home now.

I couldn’t help but leave you in suspense. :tongue:

oh! and I don’t want to hear any complaints about me getting last post! That’s only the second time I have ever had a last post so :tongue:




Second post?


So hold the laughter for my ignorant question… but, what does PWA stand for?

Posts With Attitude?
Periodontists Without Anesthesia? (ouch!)
Post While Angered?



Post Whores Anonymous…

I missed the frenzy- just got out of class :frowning:


What he said . . .


Miscellaneous first page post.


Thank you, thank you! =)


The whore part made trouble at work for some people.

1st Page!!!


I love my job… my office-mate and I call each other whores all the time… l ol . Our work is very laid-back… we swear a lot, and generally are relaxed around here. yay to small, local businesses.


True and true.


If you get benefits, you have it made!


lo l yep vision, dental, and health… but I’m finding out my dental sucks… that or my teeth do. =S

Eeek appt. tomorrow… I hate dentists. =/


Mammogram tomorrow. Wanna trade?


Lulz, weird. I have an appointment, tomorrow, too. But that’s my fault: I bit into something that clearly wasn’t supposed to be bitten, consequently chipping a tooth and messing up my jaw. What’s wrong with your chompers?


again I miss the last post. oh, well, this is my last post on this page! sweet!


Yes, but friends with benefits can get one in trouble… big big trouble…


The new home looks nice, cruzer. How long do you think that that will last?


Hey Joe, I noticed todays deal is the skull shirts site again, and wondered if you’d thought about sending your human evolution skulls design over there. Dunno if they’re having any kind of contests though.


Well, if everyone would just clean up after themselves…