Pyle 28" Water Resistant LED Light Bar

Any more pictures of this light bar? I noticed the mount looks different than other light bars. Why is that? Is it meant to be mounted somewhere in particular? Thanks

Per the vendor:

This model has a slotted track that allows you to move the mounting posts anywhere from left to right for mounting. In most cases, it can use pre-existing bolt holes in fog light locations on most bull bars or vehicle grill guards.

These all say “Recommended Power Supply Sold Separately”. Are they talking about the wiring harness sold here on WOOT or something else we need to make this work?

Pyle recommends the Pyle wire harness which is listed here.

To add to that. This isn’t for the dual flood light installations unless you know how to splice wire. The wire harness offered here has one output from the relay to the light bar. So, using California math, you would NOT be able to power two lights with this harness. In case someone gets too caught up in the LED light craze…